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Compared to PE, PP (PP-H AlphaPlus® in this case) features increased rigidity, especially in the upper service temperature range (up to +100°C). Among its key characteristics are high chemical resistance and favourable results in long-term testing when exposed to many organic and inorganic substances, even at high temperatures.

By offering specially nucleated PP-H AlphaPlus®, SIMONA provides a material that, as a homopolymer polypropylene (PP-H), combines numerous product and processing benefits.

The high toughness and fine morphological structure of SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® have a multiple positive effect on chemical resistance. Critical attacks on the surface texture of the material are delayed considerably. Apart from the enhanced welding properties, welding can generally be performed with all the DVS-approved PP materials. That ensures universal use, even for installation extensions.

Special properties

  • Permanent-heat resistant
  • High chemical resistance
  • Excellent for use in chemical equipment and tank construction
  • Alpha-nucleated
  • Good long-term properties with regard to many substances
  • High rigidity in the upper temperature range

SIMONA® Products for Chemical tank and equipment construction