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SIMONA offers reliable and cost-effective end-to-end piping systems from a single source covering the entire water cycle.

For drinking water applications SIMONA only uses approved and tested materials. DVGW W 270 test certificates regarding protection against microorganisms in drinking water applications confirm the suitability of SIMONA products. They help to convey drinking water safely without any losses. In addition, a manufacturer's certificate is available confirming compliance with the KTW Guideline (organic materials in contact with drinking water) issued by the German Federal Environment Agency.

Our system solutions engineered from premium-quality plastics to meet a wide range of requirements in the field of water treatment are more economical than conventional (metal) piping systems. This particularly applies to pipes and fittings in seawater desalination plants that operate on the principle of reverse osmosis.

In contrast to conventional materials, SIMONA® Wastewater Piping Systems are capable of transporting wastewater safely without discharges and uncontrolled seepage. Our pipes are designed to combat common risks like root penetration, corrosion or incrustations - effectively and over an extended period of time. This offers you as a customer greater certainty with regard to planning and expenditure.