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Are you looking for an innovative yet versatile solution for your design ideas? Then SIMONA® CELPLAST® is the ideal choice. The rigid PVC sheet, manufactured using the Celuka process, offers a wide range of impressive properties and universal applications. SIMONA® CELPLAST® can be machined and processed readily with standard tools and is the perfect complement to our product range for the building and advertising sectors.

A genuine all-rounder

SIMONA® CELPLAST® is the product of choice wherever compact surfaces and ease of handling are a must. Offering the benefits associated with efficient and versatile processing, the rigid PVC sheet features a smooth and compact outer skin. Despite its low weight, it boasts enormous stability and a high-quality finish.

Unlimited Creativity

Thanks to its low weight and ease of processing, SIMONA® CELPLAST® is the perfect choice when it comes to creating personalised interiors. Its visual appeal and simple handling will take your interior designs to the next level.

Areas of application

• Room interiors and design
• Interior fittings
• Furniture
• Bathrooms and wet areas

• Shelving
• Cabinets
• Display design
• Signage (screen printing/foil lamination)

• Vehicle interiors
• Camper vans, caravans
• Shipbuilding
• Model building

• Container lining
• Mobile homes

Cost-effective and flexible

For interior design, rigid PVC sheets are a cost-effective alternative to traditional building materials. New builds and rebuilds can be realised quickly and flexibly. Whether for exhibition stands or shop fitting, the interior fitting of container solutions, car interiors, furniture making or door and window installations, SIMONA® CELPLAST® is an extremely versatile product.

SIMONA CELPLAST has a wide range of uses

Product characteristics such as high durability and resistance to moisture, as well as an easy-care surface, offer new design options.

High stability and enormous weight savings not only reduce workload and transport costs – thanks to versatile processing capacity and ease of handling there are no limits to your creativity.

• High rigidity and stability
• High-quality, satin-finished, hard surface
• Suitable for indoor use
• Extremely light and easy to handle
• Strong and durable
• Moisture- and mould-resistant
• Insect- and pest-resistant
• Easy to clean thanks to homogeneous hard surface
• Low water absorption and no swelling
• Chemical and corrosion resistant
• Good insulation properties (low conductivity, high insulation values)
• Low thermal coefficient of linear expansion
• Good fire behaviour (low flammability, no burning droplets)
• 100% recyclable

Superior processing options