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As part of pipe run lining with annular space, factory-produced lining pipes made of PP HM or PE 100 are welded together on the construction site to make up a pipe run with axial-restraint connection. These are new, structurally self-supporting lining pipes.

The pipe run is connected up to a traction head and drawn into the old pipe via a site launch pit, taking the bending radius of the new pipe into account. The resulting annular space between the old pipe and the new pipe is usually grouted. When using this method the original cross section of the pipeline is reduced by the annular space and pipe wall thickness.

As a system manufacturer, SIMONA offers lining pipes, standard fittings and application-specific special fittings according to the requirements of the situation on site – solutions tailored to the pipe train lining method.

Rehabilitation range

DN 100 – DN 1200
SDR 17 – SDR 33 


Renovation of wastewater pipes and sewers with prefabricated pipes with and without annular space - Pipe run method 
DWA - M 143 - 13

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