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In many cases, the use of appropriate chemicals is necessary for the operation of water treatment plants.

SIMONA® Piping Systems made of PE, PP, PVDF and ECTFE

Our intelligent end-to-end piping systems made of PE, PP, PVDF and ECTFE are engineered to resist highly corrosive liquids such as acids or alkalis, in addition to being approved for use in drinking water applications. Furthermore, they are maintenance-free throughout the entire period of use (at least 25 years). Unnecessary risks are avoided and the need for repairs, plus the associated costs, are reduced substantially. 

Areas of Use

  • Municipal water treatment plants for filtration and dealkalisation with SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® pipes and fittings
  • Reverse osmosis plants with SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® pipes and fittings for the treatment of process effluent inthe semiconductor industry
  • Deionisation systems for use in the pharmaceutical sectorwith SIMONA® PVDF pipes and fittings

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