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Our SIMONA® SmartTank structural analysis software offers you an exciting array of possibilities for calculating thermoplastic rectangular and cylindrical tanks. We are continuously enhancing our software so that you can look forward to innovative new program components and features that will enable you to maximise both cost-effectiveness and safety in the design of your tanks.

From program structure to the design of the user interface, the focus of SIMONA® SmartTank is always on user benefit.

Key benefits:

The program offers you:

  • Maximum cost-effectiveness in the design of tanks
  • The option to export parameters to external programs (e.g. CAD software)
  • Significant potential for cost savings thanks to realistic FEM formulation of circumferentially reinforced tanks and all the structural steel members, thus revolutionising the analysis of these components
  • Network-capable application and administration of the software
  • Centralised administration of all projects in a project manager
  • Simple, convenient user guidance
  • Plausibility check and validation of all inputs
  • High-quality, verifiable and graphically sophisticated outputs as well as complete printouts
  • Optimised service and support via hotline with ultra-fast response times


Our expertise continues to develop further – and SIMONA® SmartTank continues to grow. The program is being continuously optimised so it always reflects the state of the art. The fourth release of the SIMONA® SmartTank software offers you an extended catalogue of modules that will make your daily work in tank construction even more convenient by streamlining the tank analysis process.

Program highlights at a glance:

  • Geographical zone tool for the simplified input of wind, snow and earthquake loads thanks to postcode- or map-based geolocation

  • Parameter exports to external programs (e.g. CAD or FEM software)
  • Load calculations in accordance with SIA 261 and ASCE 7-10
  • Integration of the material PE-EL (electrically conductive polyethylene)
  • Tank analysis for shell design
  • Interactive sizing of wall thicknesses, shot limits and nozzles with error avoidance
  • Creep curves that can be displayed to the design engineer live as a special feature, depending on the operating conditions selected
  • Integrated miner tool for alternating temperature calculation
  • Wizard for calculating tank columns
  • Call up either the current DIBt media list or our SIMCHEM database
  • Calculation of rectangular tanks in accordance with the latest DVS draft (integrated FEM basis)
  • FEM calculation for flat roofs of rectangular and cylindrical tanks
  • SIMONA® twin-wall sheets module for calculating flat roofs of cylindrical and rectangular tanks
  • User-defined profile arrangement for circumferentially reinforced tanks
  • Profile maker for creating and administering custom reinforcement profiles
  • Materials manager to customise material definition for reinforcements